What is Laser and hair Treatments

Aesthetic medicine treatments encompass all the different medical treatments that aim to enhance your overall physical appearance by targeting a specific area, or the entire body by using non-surgical to sometimes minimally invasive, and efficient cosmetic procedures. Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the best, and most advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments that are designed to give you voluminous, supple, and glowing skin, along with a striking body that is as beautiful as you deserve. We have a range of aesthetic laser treatment procedures that are 100% safe, and non-invasive. No incision is made to your body in any cosmetic procedure, so you enjoy the results you desire without going through any trouble, and pain. We have a team of highly qualified, and certified professionals who are specialists in their fields, and have years of experience in their respective areas. In addition, we have the most cutting-edge technological equipment to conduct all oru aesthetic treatment procedures as we never compromise on quality.

Aesthetic Laser Treatment Services

Brace yourself for the finest, safest, and most effective non surgical aesthetic treatments conducted through laser technology at Le Lotus Clinique.

Chemical peels

Most advanced chemical peel aesthetic body treatment that gently peels off layer of dead cells along with age spots, sunspots, dark spots, and wrinkles to make you shine.

Whitening Treatments

Considering your need to have radiant, and fairer complexion, we bring to you the most beneficial whitening treatments that nourish your skin so it glows beautifully.

Warts/ Skin Tags/ Mole Treatment

Latest laser light technology to help you get rid of unwanted warts, moles, and tags from your skin so it becomes flawless, and smooth like before.

Dermapen Mesotherapy

State of the art dermapen mesotherapy treatment to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, freckles, dark patches, and age spots from your skin.

Discover and love your skin better with Le Lotus Clinique’s Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments

Amicable Staff




Le Lotus Clinique aims to facilitate you in every step of the process, from booking an appointment to getting your treatment, and receiving follow up sessions. Our friendly, co-operative, and dedicated staff, and experts are here to resolve all your problems, and queries. For any questions regarding our facial, and body aesthetic treatments, contact us today!

Benefits of Non-surgical Aesthetic Treatments

Le Lotus Clinique offers you the best aesthetic laser treatment in Islamabad. Here are the many benefits of getting treatment procedures from us.

Complete Skin Rejuvenation

All our aesthetic treatments from chemical peel to whitening treatment to dermapen mesotherapy renew your skin gently so you look youthful, and beautiful.

Perfect Removal of Warts, Tags, and Moles

Our aesthetic body treatment designed for the removal of skin warts, tags, and moles gets rid of these unwanted skin growths for good giving you clear, and clean skin.

Increased Collagen Production in Skin

All the body and facial aesthetics treatments by Le Lotus Clinique stimulate the production of collagen in your skin so it regains its lost volume, strength, and vitality.

Enjoy Fair and Glowing Skin

Our whitening aesthetic laser treatment for face, and the whole body softly eliminates the layer of dead, dull skin so you look fresher, brighter, and more gorgeous than ever.

Non-invasive and Safe Procedures

Le Lotus Clinique is proud to offer a wide range of non surgical aesthetic treatments so you get radiant and youthful skin without bearing an ounce of pain, and hurt.

Fast Treatments with Zero Recovery Time

Each, and every aesthetic treatment at our clinic yield fast results, and have zero recovery treatment, so you don’t have to wait for even an hour, and can quickly resume your work once the session ends.

Why do you want it

Because you want to glow without bearing any pain

Service Recipient Says

I have been Le Lotus Clinique’s client for the past couple of years, and have received their dermapen mesotherapy aesthetic treatment, as well as their aesthetic body treatment for removal of warts, and moles. I have been extremely satisfied with their work so far, and have achieved great results every time.