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Do you wish to have smooth and supple skin without going through any long and painful procedure? Do you want to get rid of all the annoying skin hair without waxing, shaving or tweezing them? Do you also want to have complete relief from wrinkles, acne spots, pigmentation and a number of age spots? It is likely you answered these questions with a yes. Understanding your needs, Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the most advanced carbon peel laser hair removal to look after your skin in the best manner.[S1] 

The carbon peel laser treatment for hair removal and other skin problems is a cutting-edge procedure that makes use of the carbon peel hair removal machine. It gently clears away all the hair from your skin by destroying the hair follicles. In addition, it gets rid of acne, pigmentation spots, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and blemishes from your skin. When these skin concerns are taken care of, your skin becomes smooth, gets an even tone, and glows better than before.

Le Lotus Clinique offers the best carbon peel laser hair removal in Islamabad that aims to take care of all your skin concerns. We have the best experts in our team and use the most advanced machines that give you the desired result without causing any harm to your skin.

What is Carbon Peel Laser hair Removal?

Carbon peel laser treatment is an advanced-grade laser treatment that can also be used for hair removal. A carbon peel laser hair removal is a revolutionary treatment that is virtually painless and gives you relief from a number of skin issues. The treatment makes use of a carbon peel laser machine that applies a soft layer of liquefied carbon onto your skin. The liquid carbon penetrates into the skin pores. After that, laser light is administered onto your skin. Carbon particles draw the laser beams towards them. As the laser beam moves closer to the carbon particles in your skin pores, they are destroyed and with them, all the dead skin cells, oil, dirt and skin hair are also damaged.

The carbon peel laser hair removal is basically carried out to cleanse your skin, and eliminate all sorts of contaminants and oil lodged deep within your skin pores. Since, the carbon peel laser hair removal machine employs the laser technology, it also destroys the hair follicles. As the hair follicles are destroyed, hair stop growing from it for about 2 years so you experience complete relief from skin hair.

If you want soft, smooth, radiant and well-cleansed skin, and get rid of facial hair at the same time, the carbon peel laser hair removal face treatment is appropriate for you. It exfoliates and cleanses your skin while destroying all the coarse hair on your face. Le Lotus Clinique offers you the most effective carbon peel laser hair removal in Islamabad.

Benefits of Carbon Peel Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

Thinking of whether or not to get the carbon peel laser hair removal? Read on to find out how the treatment benefits you and you’ll be more convinced than ever.

Complete Hair Removal

The powerful laser technology delivered by the laser hair removal machine gently kills the hair follicles so you get smooth, hair-free skin conveniently.

Brightens Dull Skin

The carbon peel mask comprises of carbon charcoal that removes dirt and dead skin cells giving you a brighter, glowing skin.

Accelerates Blood Circulation

Due to the laser technology and effective carbon peel mask, the carbon peel laser treatment for hair removal improves overall blood circulation of your skin that improves skin health.

Gets Rid of Acne

All the acne on your skin as well as acne spots are cleared away softly by the carbon particles and the removal of these particles by the laser hair removal machine.

Cleanses Skin Effectively

Dead skin cells, clogged pores, dirt, blackheads, contaminants, oil and unwanted particles from the skin are effectively cleansed by the carbon peel giving you an even skin tone.

Instant Results with Zero Downtime

The carbon peel laser hair removal treatment delivers instant results and has zero downtime so you get soft, glowing, hairless skin without any long recovery period.

Crystal Clear, Oil-Free and Hairless Skin is Only a Carbon Peel Laser Hair Removal Treatment Away!

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Le Lotus Clinique provides you with the best laser hair removal treatment in town. To find out more about carbon laser peel cost, machinery, equipment, the number of sessions you will need and other details, reach out to our experts so we can best guide you.

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I wanted laser hair removal face treatment, but was unsure of whether it would benefit me. I decided to opt for the carbon peel laser hair removal by Le Lotus Clinique, and was amazed at how clear and smooth my skin became after a few sessions only. I am completely satisfied with their treatment.