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A healthy face has a V-shape naturally. Aging and poor skin-care diminishes this beautiful V-shape. Skin laxity including drooping cheeks, jowls and eyelids due to loss of collagen make your face lose its natural youthfulness and glow. Moreover, the different dynamic and static wrinkles that begin to appear on your face and skinfurther affect your beauty. Oftentimes, we don’t address these concerns on time and that only worsens the problem. 

There are many facial treatments and face contouring options in the market to treat the issue, but not many of them produce natural, safe results. Thread lift by Le Lotus Clinique is the perfect solution to this problem as it gently lifts your sagging skin, softens the harsh wrinkles, clears lines off your face, nose and skin, tightens the neck jowls and restores volume to your skin, and face so you get your youthful look back. 

Our thread lift procedure is completely safe and non-invasive, and does wonders to your skin. Your face, neck and skin get a striking, natural appearance without any side-effects.

What is Thread Lift Procedure?

A thread lift is a facial treatment procedure that uses temporary sutures to lift your face and neck skin gently. The sutures lift the skin very softly, but the results are quite noticeable and you clearly see a marked difference in your skin before and after the thread lift procedure. During the treatment, the skin is not removed surgically or through any invasive procedure, but is lifted softly by stitching up different sagging portions of the skin including skin of neck, face, cog and around eyes. This pulls up your skin back giving your face, neck and overall skin a more lifted and tightened outlook. It is an effective anti-wrinkle procedure that helps soften and slowly diminish the different types of wrinkles that crowd your face and neck.

Apart from lifting your skin and giving it a firmer, supple appeal, thread lifts also activate and promote your body’s natural healing response. As a result, the collagen production in different skin regions are stimulated and the parts of your skin deficient in collagen get a good boost of the protein. This restores elasticity and firmness to the sagging areas of your skin, and you get your vitality back. Collagen supports the growth factors in your skin that improve its overall health and condition. Besides promoting healing of wounds, collagen also imparts volume, softness and strength to your skin.

As you age, your body’s natural process of producing collagen slows down. As a result, you produce less of the protein that results in a whopping 80% reduction in the thickness of your skin by the time you turn 70. This excessive loss of strength and volume leads to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. 

With time, your skin becomes weaker and is unable to provide sufficient support to its tissues. This means that gravity further pulls it down resulting in droopy and loose skin around eyes, mouth, cheeks and the notorious neck jowls. Thread lift procedure by Le Lotus Clinique including cog thread lift is an effective remedy to the issue as it lifts your skin and activates the collagen production so your skin gets its smoothness and youth back.


Benefits of Thread Lift

Thread lift procedure by Le Lotus Clinique is the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment your skin needs. Here are the top benefits of the treatment.

Natural Lift

Sutures on different sagging areas of your skin lift it gently to give you a natural, youthful look in a gentle manner.

No Wrinkles

The advanced suture treatment tightens the loose skin on your face, cog and neck, and diminishes wrinkles softly.

Higher Volume

Thread lift treatment activates collagen production in your skin that leads to voluminous, tight and stronger skin.

Long Lasting Results

Ingredients of the dissolvable sutures boost collagen production that gives you youthful skin texture and complexion that lasts for a long time.

Slows Aging

Thread lift procedure removes wrinkles, lifts skin, boosts collagen levels and promotes healing in skin that slows down aging.

Non-invasive Procedure

Le Lotus Clinique’s anti-wrinkle treatment is 100% non-invasive and safe, so you enjoy natural looking, clear skin.

Age Flawlessly with Silky, Soft and Youthful Skin

Your perfect, firm and rejuvenated skin awaits you.

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Le Lotus Clinique takes pride in having a team of skilled professionals who are available to guide you about the right thread lift procedure suitable for your skin according to your skin type, needs and affected areas.

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Machinery Info

A thread lift is a slightly invasive procedure that helps get rid of wrinkles and loose skin of the face. It is an easier and quicker alternative to a facelift surgery. The availability of various threads for this procedure brings forth a variety in thickness and cost of the procedure. The medical-grade thread is inserted into the skin and then tightened to a prescribed extent to reduce the elasticity in loose skin. A single procedure that takes around half an hour to complete is enough to last for up to 3 years. When combined with other facial treatments, thread lifts can last longer.

Service Recipient Says

I received anti wrinkle eye thread lift from Le Lotus Clinique, and I am extremely satisfied with the treatment and results. There was hardly any swelling after threadlift, and my skin looked better than ever.


Thread lifts are completely safe as they are non-invasive and quite painless. There is no risk of bleeding, bruising, scarring or other issues associated with a thread lift.

A complete thread lift treatment lasts for around 12 to 18 months depending on your lifestyle, age and patterns of your facial movement.

Thread lifts are less costly as compared to conventional facelifts, but on average their cost is around $2,250 which amounts to PKR 331900.

A thread lift is a facial treatment wherein temporary sutures are used to lift the sagging areas of your face, neck and other affected areas.

After getting a thread lift, refrain from touching, wetting and washing your face, neck or the respective treated areas for around 12 hours following it. Once you start washing that area, do not scrum or massage it with a sponge or washcloth for around 3 weeks.

Anti-wrinkle injections consist of purified proteins that relaxes your facial muscles temporarily, and softens the hard wrinkles and fine lines on the face.