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You want to look, and feel confident from within, but somehow the dark spots on your skin, and the uneven skin tone keep you from being your genuinely confident self. We, at Le Lotus Clinique feel your misery, and want to save you from the pain. Understanding your need for fairer, softer, and radiant skin, we bring to you the best skin whitening treatment in Islamabad so you get the gorgeous skin you truly deserve.

Our state of the art face whitening laser treatment is carried out using leading-edge laser technology. The laser beams move underneath the surface of your skin, and gently lighten your skin tone. As a result, you get fairer, lighter toned skin that glows beautifully. You can bid adieu to the skin whitening creams, lotions, and medications for good, and give your skin the best skin whitening treatment it deserves. With Le Lotus Clinique’s skin laser whitening treatment, your skin will regain its beauty, sparkle, and joy back making you get compliments for looking more stunning with time.

What is Skin Whitening Treatment?

Skin laser whitening treatment uses the laser light technology to lighten the different dark, dull, and pigmented patches on your skin. Powerful laser light beams are delivered on to the targeted skin areas that remove your skin’s outer layer. Moreover, the skin whitening treatment also destroys the melanin producing cells to regulate its production. As the darker, outer layer of your skin is removed, and melanin production slows down, you get a lighter-toned, and brighter looking skin.

Skin laser whitening treatment is a very effective treatment procedure that suits all skin types, and helps you get your desired results conveniently. Without going through any long, complex, or surgical procedure, you enjoy fairer, sparkling, and fresher skin in a matter of few skin whitening treatment sessions. At le Lotus Clinique, we offer face whitening laser treatment, body skin whitening treatment, and skin whitening treatment for specific parts of your body such as neck, arms, and legs. You can get your desired treatment according to your needs by booking your appointment today.

Benefits of Skin Whitening Treatment

Le Lotus Clinique takes pride in providing you with the best skin whitening treatment in Islamabad that nourishes your skin, and provides you with value in the following ways.

Beautiful, Beaming Skin

The advanced, and innovative skin laser whitening treatment removes all sorts of dull, dreary, and dry patches from your skin to make it appear radiant than before.

Oil-Free Glow

Cutting-edge laser technology rejuvenates your skin so it becomes luminous without becoming oily, or dry. Your skin shines bright beautifully.

Dark Spots Removed

All sorts of dark spots, blemishes, unwanted freckles, hyperpigmentation marks, sunspots, and dull skin patches are cleared away to give you an even skin tone.

Fairer, Brighter Skin

Our body skin whitening treatment reduces melanin production, and removes dull layers of skin to give you fairer looking skin that glows with happiness.

Younger Look

Naturally, when your skin shines brighter, and is cleared off undesirable spots, marks, blemishes, and dark patches, you look younger, and more striking than before.

Safe, and Desired Results

Our body and face whitening laser treatment is unquestionably safe, and sound as it is non-invasive, and yields amazing, desired results quickly.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Get radiant skin with Le Lotus Clinique’s Body Skin Whitening Treatment

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Le Lotus Clinique’s face whitening laser treatment quenches the thirst of your skin by nourishing it with love, and care.

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The professional, and supportive staff, and experts at Le Lotus Clinique want the best for you. To ensure you look, and feel glamorous inside out, we are here to guide, and facilitate you. For any queries regarding face whitening treatment price, procedure, duration, machinery, and other aspects, get in touch with our team today.

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The FIRE-XEL Fractional CO2 Laser device is multi-purpose and aids in various procedures. It helps treat skin pigmentation, loose skin, skin tags, warts, wrinkles, stretch marks, open pores, loose eyelid skin, frown lines, acne scars, and more. Laser hair removal and skin whitening are some of its popular uses. It comes with an A.I system that can recommend best settings for a certain skin type. This advanced laser system has over 3,000 combinations of available options which can easily be adjusted using a touch screen. The various fractional tips, multiple laser settings, user-friendly design, and fast yet effective procedural capacity makes it suitable for use on the entire body and any area with ease. 

Service Recipient Says

I decided to get face whitening laser treatment from Le Lotus Clinique after getting no positive results from using skin whitening creams to get rid of the dark spots, and pigmentation marks on my skin. My skin has started to glow, and has become many tones lighter than before. I am forever grateful to Le Lotus Clinique for giving me my youth back.