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Sadly, many of us take our hair for granted just like we disregard good health. We realize the importance of both when they are gone. As upsetting as it can be to have health problems and baldness, the issues can be taken care of. Why don’t you start paying better attention to your health while we at Le Lotus Clinique take care of your baldness issue and give you great locks through our hair transplant treatment.

It goes without saying that a head full of hair definitely boosts your confidence. You feel good about yourself, and it certainly enhances your personality. Naturally, losing it takes a hit on your self-esteem too. Whether you suffer from pattern baldness, scarring alopecia and any kind of alopecia, or have gone through hair loss due to Lupus, injuries, accidents, or another issue, our hair transplantation clinic can resolve your problem. We offer one of the best hair transplant in Pakistan that fixes all your hair issues so you enjoy a head full of locks and see your self-confidence grow by manifolds. Reach out to our team of experts today to consult your hair problem with them so they can guide you about the best hair transplant option according to your hair issue, skin type and budget.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is an advanced procedure through which hair are shifted to a bald region of your head. Most of the time, the dermatological surgeon takes hair from the side or back of your head, and grafts them to the top or front of your head. The procedure is mostly carried out in a hair transplantation clinic wherein local anesthesia is administered to the patient.

There are mainly two kinds of hair transplant procedures: micrografts and slit grafts. A slit graft comprises of around 4 to 10 hairs/ graft whereas micrografts comprise of about 1 to 2 hairs/ graft. The amount of hair contained in a graft depend on the type of coverage required. The kind of hair transplantation procedure you get usually depends on your doctor. At Le Lotus Clinique, we believe in discussing all the details with our patients, and receiving their input for the best hair transplant results which is why we have a thorough discussion with them before deciding on the grafting procedure. Hair transplants are quite successful procedures as compared to using over-the-counter products for hair restoration. The hair transplant before and after results after getting the treatment from Le Lotus Clinique are amazing as you instantly notice a line of fresh hair on your scalp. The transplanted hair grow back fully in about 3 to 4 months giving you a head full of hair as you desired.

Hair Transplant Benefits

Wondering about whether or not to get hair transplant treatment from Le Lotus Clinique? Read on how the procedure benefits you to make the decision easily.

Permanent Solution

Hair restoration medicines often don’t yield the desired results. Hair transplant, on the other hand covers your scalp with hair effectively and is a permanent remedy to the issue.

Better Appearance

Hair grafts fill in the bald patches on your head that soon grow into full hair so you look and feel great in your skin. With renewed confidence, you better embark on new adventures in life.

Fixes Balding

Once the procedure is finished, the targeted areas never go through balding again so you say goodbye to bald patches and receding hairlines for good.

Low Maintenance Required

No special shampoos, conditioners, oils or skin-care regimen required after the procedure is complete making it a low-maintenance option that suits your hectic routine.

Affordable Option

Being a one-time treatment procedure, hair transplant does not cost you an arm and a leg time and again like hair restoration medicines.

Excellent Results

After just one session, you notice hair on your scalp that grow into great locks within a couple of months so you get your desired hair.

Bid Adieu to Baldness for Good

Restore your self-confidence as our hair transplant renews hair growth on your scalp.

Why do you want it

A head covered with gorgeous hair awaits you. Embrace the new you with Hair Transplant from Le Lotus Clinique.

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At Le Lotus Clinique, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who are also few of the top experts of hair transplant in Pakistan. Our skilled team is available to guide you about the entire procedure in depth including hair transplant cost, duration, results and other details. Get connected to us and enjoy a one of a kind service.

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Surgical Procedure

There are two methods that can be adopted for hair transplant. In the strip method, a thin layer of skin along with hair is removed from the back of a patient’s head. This sample is then divided into smaller pieces, each containing a specific number of hair. Extremely minute incisions are made on the scalp to insert these grafts. In the unit method, a single hair is taken from the back of the head for each tiny incision on the scalp. Both of these methods are widely adopted. The hair transplant results can be seen after three to four months of the procedure.

Service Recipient Says

When it comes to hair transplant in Pakistan, I trust Le Lotus Clinique only. They have the best experts in their team who know their job well, and make sure to provide the best treatment to their clients. I have enjoyed good hair growth on my head ever since I received hair transplant treatment from them.