Age Slowly with Hydra Facial Treatment

Who does not want bright, clear, smooth and younger looking skin? Of course, all of us desire for that, and even spend fortunes on serums, creams, essences, oils and lotions to achieve that natural, youthful glow. However, oftentimes, all our efforts end in vain, and instead of restoring health and beauty to our skin, we end up damaging it more. Our pores become bigger in size; the wrinkles start to run deeper in the skin; the dark circles do not fade away; the notorious acne worsens; and our skin continues to lose its glow, vitality, softness and smoothness. 

Amidst all these problems, hydra facial treatment comes to your rescue for real. It is a one of its kind, innovative facial treatment that not only promises clear, fresh, rejuvenated, plump and glowing skin, but also delivers it. There are a variety of hydra facial treatments available at Le Lotus Clinique including hydrafacial for oily skin, hydrafacial for open pores and hydrafacial for dark circles. All our hydra facials are excellent in quality, and deliver striking results instantly. You experience a beautiful hydrafacial glow on the treated area right after the treatment procedure that is 100% safe and non-invasive.

What is Hydra Facial Treatment?

Hydra facial is a state of the art treatment that makes use of patented technology provided by a small, medical-grade device that helps cleanse, hydrate, extract and clear your skin. Hydra facial treatment clears away dead, unhealthy skin cells and loosens pores to prepare them for thorough extraction. This is done using a mixture of safe chemicals including botanical extracts, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. This action is followed by an advanced vacuum-powered extraction procedure that eliminates all sort of gunk from your skin. All of this is done through a painless, non-invasive and completely safe procedure.

The hydra facial treatment is conducted through the double-helix hydrafacial wand. One of its chambers extracts the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin through the hydra facial cleanser, while the second one pumps your skin with relaxing nutrients including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and many growth factors that energize and hydrate your skin. The treatment is highly effective and a single procedure produces a gorgeous hydrafacial glow that makes you fall in love with your skin and the treatment.

At Le Lotus Clinique, we deal in a wide range of customizable hydra facial treatments that tend to the unique needs of your skin. Our hydrafacial for oily skin is best suited for greasy skin, whereas our hydrafacial for melisma is perfect to treat the skin discoloration you suffer from. Find out which treatment is appropriate for your skin type and problems by getting consultation from our experts today.

HydraFacial Benefits

Hydra facial treatment by Le Lotus Clinique provides your skin with exactly the care and love it needs. Enjoy our hydrafacial deals to reap the following benefits.

Radiant Skin

The hydrafacial glow is bright and clear, and gives your skin the soft, rosy look it has been missing out on.

Clears Dark Circles

Hydrafacial for dark circles liberates you from the annoying dark circles for good to get vibrant looking skin.

Diminishes Enlarged Pores

Reduce pore size of enlarged, open pores instantly with hydrafacial for open pores to improve your skin’s texture.

Even Skin Tone

Advanced treatment smoothens the skin tone and hydrafacial for melasma particularly reduces skin discoloration.

Customizable Treatment

Customizable hydra facial treatment to suit different skin types, problems and needs so you get the results you desire.

Immediate Results

No need to wait for days to enjoy the glow you want as a single treatment offers visible and remarkable results making you want more.

Getting Radiant and Rosy Skin Has Never Been This Easy

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The HydraBeauty Skin Care System is a 3-in-1 package that offers microdermabrasion with diamonds, hydro-dermabrasion, and mesotherapy. The radial tip allows the cleansing substance to sak deep into the skin and then washes it out too, along with all the impurities and excessive oil. It exfoliates the skin and removes any dead skin cells, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and helps tighten the pores and improve the overall appearance of the face. The entire procedure is made quite pleasant with Hydra Beauty’s advanced technology. Equipped with multiple types of tips, it is suitable for all skin types and areas of the face. The equipment has an auto-cleaning system and is very convenient to use.

Service Recipient Says

My oily skin has always given me quite a hard time. I recently took hydrafacial for oily skin from Le Lotus Clinique, and fell in love with the treatment instantly. My skin felt clearer and glowed beautifully after a single treatment.