Best Microneedling BB Glow Treatment

Are you tired of applying foundation onto your skin every time you need to doll yourself up? Do you wish for a solution that won’t require you to go through this drill every time? If your answers to these problems are a big ‘yes’, we have the best microneedling BB glow treatment for you.

Every woman dreams to look beautiful and shine bright like a diamond. You know you are gorgeous deep within, but you also want the beauty to reflect on your face. That said, your hectic routine keeps you from spending hours cleaning, exfoliating, and maintaining your skin. It is nearly impossible to build a detailed skin-care regimen, and stick to it every single day. While the problem is frustrating, it comes with a great solution.

You need to get Le Lotus Clinique’s microneedling treatment with BB glow that uses blemish base BB cream that is gently injected into your skin using microneedles. The powerful serum works for up to two weeks following the treatment procedure with amazing anti-aging benefits showing their magic in the weeks to come.

You get an even skin tone with a gorgeous radiance that makes you look years younger than your actual age. In addition, our BB glow microneedling works for acne scars, softens fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and freckles.

What is BB Glow Treatment?

BB glow is a revolutionary facial treatment procedure wherein a strong tinted serum is injected into your skin using the microneedling technique. A powerful BB cream is injected into the microneedle pen that is then tattooed all across your skin. The tiny needles allow the blemish base BB cream to penetrate deep within your skin yielding immediate results.

While the treatment is intensive and the BB cream is microneedled all over your skin, the entire procedure is virtually painless. Yes, you don’t feel any pain and discomfort throughout the procedure, and you find your skin looking fresher, brighter and clearer than before.

The blemish base used in the treatment is quite similar to the BB cream you use in your daily routine. The process takes around two hours and produces results that last for around four months on average.

Your skin is numbed gently for about 20 minutes after which the blemish balm is softly applied onto your skin through the microneedle pen via a hyaluronic mask. It is best not to wash your skin for about 24 hours following the treatment.

Le Lotus Clinique offers the best microneedling treatment with BB glow and is 100% safe, non-invasive and painless. While it is a safe and reliable treatment, some BB glow side-effects include slight swelling, redness and dryness that tend to fade away in a few days.

The procedure stimulates the natural collagen production in your skin that rejuvenates your skin, clears away wrinkles, eliminates skin discoloration and enhances the overall texture of your skin.

Microneedling Treatment Benefits with BB Glow

At Le Lotus Clinique, we deal in the finest BB glow treatment in Pakistan that provides you with the best results at the best price. Here is how your skin benefits from the treatment.

Glowing Skin

The powerful blemish base used in the treatment revitalizes your skin imparting a beautiful radiance to it so your skin glows 24/7.

Clears Blemishes

The leading-edge microneedling technology and BB cream clear away blemishes and freckles giving you clean skin.

Softens Hyperpigmentation

The blemish balm applied to your skin through a hyaluronic mask controls hyperpigmentation so you get an even skin tone.

Fast Results

The super-effective treatment produces fast and brilliant results with your skin looking clearer and more radiant after one session.

Silky Soft Skin

The microneedling treatment boosts collagen production in your skin enhancing its volume, strength and texture.

Painless and Safe

Our BB glow treatment in Pakistan is a 100% non-surgical and safe procedure that energizes your skin without making you suffer from any pain.

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Our experts are available for consultation about any help you need regarding the procedure including the bb glow treatment price in Pakistan. To find out more about the laser and microneedling technology, and how it benefits you, book an appointment with our professionals today.

Let your skin breathe, heal and glow with Le Lotus Clinique’s BB Glow treatment

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A Dermapen has 12 micro-needles which reach into your skin and help inject revitalizing substances into its deeper layers which bring about a nourished, fresh glow to your face. This device can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten loose skin, minimize open pores, remove acne and surgical scars, and more. The Dermapen has an automated, vibrating motion suitable for multiple skin types.  The depth of the skin to be penetrated can easily be adjusted on this device for various areas of the face and the intensity of the required treatment. 

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I was in search of a semi-permanent fix to applying foundation and BB cream on my skin daily. I came across the BB Glow treatment by Le Lotus Clinique and decided to give it a try. It’s magical and the best microneedling treatment. Not only did it make my skin shine, but it also cleared away the hyperpigmentation spots from it