Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Getting rid of skin hair is a huge concern. It is one problem that never really fades away, and options such as waxing, tweezing, hair removal creams and shaving make it even worse. While these options may be quick, they mostly increase hair growth, and both, tweezing and waxing are quite painful too. Hair removal does not need to be this hard right? It needs to be simple, easy, convenient and painless which is why Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the state of the art electrolysis hair removal treatment that fixes all your hair woes easily.

The electrolysis hair removal technique uses short-frequency radio waves to destroy hair follicles in your skin. With no hair follicles, hair growth stops for quite a long time. This means that you can finally bid adieu to coarse, unwanted skin hair for quite some time, and enjoy gorgeous, smooth and glowing skin easily. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting it waxed, or spending a large amount of money on hair removal creams. The treatment also works wonders on diminishing wrinkles and age-spots from your skin so you look younger than ever.

At Le Lotus Clinique, we deal in female and male electrolysis hair removal treatments designed to suit the skin-care needs of both genders. Our electrolysis hair removal treatment is 100% safe, non-invasive and incredibly effective so you get the skin you desire in the most convenient manner.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal treatment is an advanced hair removal treatment for your entire body that uses the ‘electrolysis’ method to get rid of hair from the body or face. 

During the process, an epilator device is used that employs the electrolysis technology to get rid of skin hair. The electrolysis hair removal tool administer radio frequency rays onto your skin that create heat which destroys the hair follicles in your skin. Hair follicles are sac like cells that produce hair, hence, when they are damaged, hair stop growing for quite some time and the existing hair fall out as well. You need multiple electrolysis hair removal sessions for one full treatment, and after that you won’t have to worry about hair growth for life.

It is a safe, FDA approved treatment that helps clear away hair from your face, eyebrows, breasts, legs, thighs, arms, bikini line and other areas of the body permanently, and is the only hair removal treatment to do that. Oftentimes, this treatment is compared with laser hair removal. You should know that both these treatments offered by Le Lotus Clinique are incredibly effective, but with the electrolysis hair removal treatment, hair is removed permanently and you don’t need maintenance sessions, unlike with laser treatments.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Benefits

The advanced technology electrolysis hair removal treatment by Le Lotus Clinique makes your life easier and enjoyable by loving your skin in the following ways:

Permanent Hair Removal

Being the only permanent hair removal treatment, the electrolysis process makes sure to get rid of the coarse hair from your body for good.

Softer, Smoother Skin

Once you become hair-free for good, you enjoy clear, softer and smoother skin with a lovely, even skin tone forever, and fall more in love with yourself.

Minimal Post-Treatment Care

Enjoy clear, hair-less skin without worrying much about the post-treatment care. Avoid going in the sun for a few days and your skin will heal completely in some time.

Pain-free, Pleasant Process

The entire electrolysis hair removal process is completely non-invasive so you get rid of hair from your body and face in a pleasant, pain-free manner.

No Maintenance Required

You don’t need to go through any complex maintenance procedures to maintain the treated area after getting the electrolysis treatment.

Treats All Skin Types

The electrolysis hair removal treatment eliminates hair right from its root, and is able to extract hair easily from all skin types without harming them in any way.

Get Hairless Face and Body Fast

Electrolysis hair removal treatment by Le Lotus Clinique ensures you get hairless skin quickly.

Why do you want it

If you seek a permanent solution for complete hair removal, Le Lotus Clinique’s electrolysis hair removal is your best bet!

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Consult your hair problems and hair removal needs with our experts so they can best guide you about the appropriate treatment as per your requirements. To find out more about electrolysis permanent hair removal cost, reach out to us today.

Bid Adieu to Body Hair Forever with Le Lotus Clinique’s Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

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The Scarlet RF is an FDA approved microneedle electrodes system. It is minimally invasive with results that are extremely visible from the first treatment. The Scarlet RF directly provides energy under the skin, without affecting its top layer. It directly works on the dermis and epidermis. It destroys the hair follicles and in turn stops the hair growth in the targeted area. The radiofrequency technology of this system provides stable energy to vitalize each part of the treated skin equally. It tightens the skin, reduces the appearance of pores, gets rid of hyperpigmentation, and facilities the production of collagen. Scarlet RF is a great package for treating the signs of aging and laser hair removal.

Service Recipient Says

I wanted a permanent solution to hair removal and came across electrolysis hair removal by Le Lotus Clinique. I opted for their electrolysis facial hair removal treatment that cleared away all the facial hair from my face giving me the chance to enjoy smooth skin. I am in love with this treatment.