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Are you deeply concerned about the puffiness under your eyes? Are there dark bags under eyes that are affecting your appearance? Do you have droopy eyelids that bother you a lot? Are you in search of an eye bag treatment that would resolve all these problems for good? Le Lotus Clinique comes to your rescue with the most effective treatment procedure to eliminate the annoying eye bags for a long-lasting period.

With time and age, the skin under your eyes starts to sag and gets affected by wrinkles. Your skin loses its natural fat padding and elasticity that creates puffiness, wrinkles, and bags under eyes. The exact reason for eye bags is not always known, but most of the time, these eye bags are caused due to sagging skin, undue fat, and wrinkles. Lack of sleep is also the reason for eye bags, but it does not result in deep puffiness. The causes of eye bags and treatment procedures vary from client to client. However, in the majority of the cases, surgery for eye bags works really well and helps you get youthful and beautiful eyes easily.

What is the Advanced Eye Bag Treatment?

The advanced eye bag treatment offered by le Lotus Clinique is our cutting-edge blepharoplasty. It is the surgery carried out on your lower eyelid. It is an advanced cosmetic surgery procedure that corrects sagging skin under your eyes, removes excess fat, and smoothes out the wrinkles covering the area around your lower eyelid. As a result, the bags under eyes and puffiness gets eliminated, giving you smoother and beautiful eyes.

The eye bags surgery is conducted under general or local anesthesia, so you do not feel any pain during the procedure. The eye bag treatment offered by Le Lotus Clinique usually lasts for 1 to 3 hours and has no major side-effects. You may experience some soreness, bruising, and slight bleeding that goes away in 10 to 14 days. The procedure is convenient and simple, resulting in fantastic results that usually stay good for a decade. We have the finest and most experienced professionals who give you the best treatment to make sure you have a memorable experience with us.

Benefits of Getting Eye Bag Treatment

Le Lotus Clinique’s advanced eye bag treatment gives you complete relief from dark circles under eyes and offers the following benefits.

Eliminates Puffiness Around the Eyes

Our new procedure for under-eye bags eliminates excessive fat and skin fron underneath your eye, and lower eyelid that decreases puffiness and improves the appearance of your eyes.

Lessens Dark Circles Under Eyes

After analyzing the reason for eye bags under your eyes, our expert surgeon devises your treatment procedure, resulting in a significant decrease in the dark circles under eyes.

Youthful Eyes and Appearance

Le Lotus Clinique’s eye bag treatment treats puffiness, saggy skin, and eye bags under your eyes that also eliminates wrinkles giving you younger-looking eyes and an enhanced appearance.

Lasting and Desired Effects

Our advanced treatment gets rid of dark circle under eyes for usually a minimum of 10 years, so you don’t need to go through another procedure for quite some time.

Improves Overall Vision

Our advanced treatment not only removes unwanted fat and skin from underneath your eyes but also improves your overall vision that helps you perform better in life.

Symmetrical lower Eyelids

Our state of the art swollen eye bags treatment removes dark circles from under your eyes, and also corrects the unevenness between your eyelids, giving you symmetrical lower eyelids.

Breathe Life in Your Eyes

Your beautiful eyes will look even prettier once you say goodbye to the eye bags for good

Why do you want it

Your eyes desire to shine bright, but this cannot happen unless you get rid of those bags under eyes for good.

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Le Lotus Clinique has earned tremendous goodwill in Islamabad in a short period. Our facility is one of the best in town, and our experts make sure to give you the best treatment procedure with the finest during and post-treatment care. For queries pertaining to the swollen eye bags treatment, cost, procedure, and other details, contact us today.

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Surgical Procedure

A local or general anesthesia may be required to complete this procedure depending on the respective patient and the extensive nature of the surgery. An eye bag surgery can involve multiple incisions around the lower eyelid. The surgeon will remove some skin and fat from this area which will give the eyes a more tight appearance and rid of the saggy skin. The incisions will then be stitched up and the swelling may take a couple of weeks to completely go away. However, this procedure can give you a much younger-looking look.

Service Recipient Says

I have had dark circles under eyes for the longest time. After some research, I came across Le Lotus Clinique’s new procedure for under-eye bags and decided to get it. The eye bags under my eyes have reduced to a great extent making my eyes look fresher and younger than before.