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Dermapen Mesotherapy

Are you annoyed by the appearance of acne marks on your face? Are the wrinkles on your face only becoming deeper with time? Do you wish to rejuvenate your skin, but do not want to go through any cosmetic surgery? We are positive you answered these questions with a yes, and want your skin to look as smooth, flawless, and bright as it once did. In view of your needs, Le Lotus Clinique presents to you the best, and most effective dermapen mesotherapy in Islamabad. Our cutting-edge mesotherapy facial rejuvenation procedure ensures you get that striking, youthful and glowing skin you secretly wish for.

With age, hormonal imbalances, injuries, accidents, sun exposure, and lack of skin care, you tend to go through various skin problems. Maybe you had an injury that left a scar on your face, or arm. Doing a field job of 8 hours straight every day exposes you to sunlight that results in sunspots, and dark patches on the skin. Facial movements, and loss of collagen from your skin produces wrinkles, and lines that continue to deteriorate the quality of your skin. All these issues add years to your face, and skin that only disturbs you. You no longer have to struggle with these problems because now you have access to the finest mesotherapy facial treatment at Le Lotus Clinique. For details on mesotherapy cost in Pakistan, procedure, and machinery, book your appointment with us today.

What is Dermapen Mesotherapy Treatment?

Mesotherapy is a facial aesthetic treatment wherein different beneficial chemicals are administered to the skin, specifically onto its dermis layer to rejuvenate it. The mesotherapy facial treatment that is carried using the Dermapen (a devise used to conduct mesotherapy) is known as ‘dermapen mesotherapy.’ Dermanpen is a microneedle that comprises of 12 tiny needles that gently penetrate your skin about 100/ second. They softly reach the dermis, and the pen has a repetitive, pulsed movement that make sure the substances injected in it go deep in your skin.

While the microneedles gently puncture your skin, they do cause several micro-injuries to your skin. This process is perceived as an ‘injury’ by your skin’s natural defense mechanism, and it activates your body’s natural healing process. Consequently, elastin and collagen are produced in your skin that tighten your skin, and remove wrinkles on its surface. As a result, your skin becomes hydrated, radiant, firmer, and smoother in texture via the painless, and safe dermapen mesotherapy procedure. However, slight redness tends to appear sometimes, which soothes away in a little while. The mesotherapy facial rejuvenation is a reliable process with zero downtime. Le Lotus Clinique offers you the most effective dermapen mesotherapy in town. Not just that, but the cost of mesotherapy treatment offered by us is quite economical as well, so you get great value for your money.

Benefits of Dermapen Mesotherapy

If you are still confused about whether to get mesotherapy facial rejuvenation treatment by Le Lotus Clinique, look at how it will benefit you.

Clears Away Age Spots

Our top-notch mesotherapy facial treatment gently penetrates the dermis of your skin to clear away undesirable age spots to help you reclaim your youthful look.

Smoothens Wrinkly Skin

The dermapen microneedling technique softly smoothens the wrinkles on your skin, and as the collagen production improves, your skin tightens that further diminishes wrinkles.

Enhanced Skin Texture

Le Lotus Clinique’s dermapen mesotherapy eliminates acne, scars, marks, blemishes, wrinkles, and unwanted skin issues to give you a smooth and even-textured skin.

Imparts Firmness to Skin

The microneedling movement, and the natural healing process of your skin stimulates the collagen production in it that improves the volume of your skin so you look better than ever.

Easy and Fast

Our state of the art mesotherapy facial rejuvenation treatment is quick, and easy so you get done with a single session in about 30 to 60 minutes.

Painless Procedure

Le Lotus Clinique’s dermapen mesotherapy treatment is a 100% non-invasive procedure which means you don’t go through any pain, and get your desired skin easily.

Radiant Skin Like Never Before

Unlock the true magic of the mesotherapy facial rejuvenation treatment by Le Lotus Clinique

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Keeping in mind your busy schedule, Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the most efficient, and safest dermapen mesotherapy in the best mesotherapy cost in Pakistan. Our experts are always available to guide you, so feel at ease to consult them for any queries you have regarding the treatment, mesotherapy cost, machinery, side-effects, and other aspects.

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Machinery Info

A Dermapen has 12 micro-needles which reach into your skin and help inject revitalizing substances into its deeper layers which bring about a nourished, fresh glow to your face. This device can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten loose skin, minimize open pores, remove acne and surgical scars, and more. The Dermapen has an automated, vibrating motion suitable for multiple skin types.  The depth of the skin to be penetrated can easily be adjusted on this device for various areas of the face and the intensity of the required treatment. 

Service Recipient Says

After seeing my face grow duller with time, and age, I finally made up my mind to opt for a facial aesthetic treatment. After some research, I found out Le Lotus Clinique who offered the advanced mesotherapy facial treatment. The results of the treatment have been simply excellent. My face looks smoother, and more beautiful than before. Moreover, the mesotherapy face cost they offer is great too.