HIFU Face and Neck Lift

Le Lotus Clinique brings to you our cutting-edge HIFU face and neck lift procedure that smoothes out different kinds of wrinkles, tones and contours your skin, and tightens the loose skin areas.

As you age, your facial bones shrink which makes you lose skin volume. The ligaments and muscles holding fat compartments start to lax, and your outer skin turns wrinkly and thinner. These changes bring forth many problems. Your skin becomes cluttered with different types of wrinkles. Sagging skin often turns into the notorious double chin, and your face loses its toned, chiseled appearance. We know you want and deserve beautiful skin.

Our face lift facial treatment ensures you get your youth and beauty back, and glow with happiness.

What is Hifu For Face?

HIFU stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound and HIFU on the face refers to the HIFU treatment carried out particularly on your facial area. 

A HIFU face and neck lift is a safe, non-surgical technique that lifts the sagging skin on your neck, brow and chin areas, and helps get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines so you get smoother, younger, and more attractive skin. 

Our treatment achieves this goal by targeting micro-focused ultrasound rays on the affected areas to activate the production of collagen in your skin.

HIFU Treatment Benefits

A well-toned and chiseled face and neck with firm, tight and smooth skin awaits you. Here are some of the HIFU results you will experience.

Toned Face

Increased collagen production and skin lifting gives you a toned, chiseled look.

Reduced Wrinkles

Smoothens your skin and restores volume to it that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Enhanced Jawline

As your face and neck skin tightens, you get a better jawline definition that gives you a striking appearance.

Smooth Skin

The HIFU treatment enhances the texture and firmness of your skin to make it supple and smooth.

Safe Procedure

Completely safe and reliable treatment that leaves your skin feeling light, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Quick Results

In just a single HIFU face and neck lift, you experience your face looking younger, well-toned and gorgeous.

Welcome Youthful, Smoother Skin

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Our Experts

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Our certified experts are available at your disposal to guide you about our HIFU face and neck lift so you opt for the right procedure for your face.

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Machinery Info

HIFU is a completely non-invasive advanced method which accelerates the production of collagen and ultimately enhances the skin appearance. It is a convenient and relatively less-costly replacement of a surgical facelift. This latest technology leaves the skin glowing and nourished. HIFU primarily increases the production of collagen, the protein that helps the body and muscles retain their structure and keep them firm. It also helps maintain and rejuvenate healthier skin cells. 

Going through our HIFU face and neck lift will help reduce the appearance of pores, tighten loose skin, rid the face of wrinkles, and slow down the aging process. A single treatment of HIFU is usually adequate in the majority of the cases, followed by maintenance procedures every couple of years.

Service Recipient Says

HIFU on face by Le Lotus Clinique has finally given my face the beautiful and youthful look I wanted for a long time. My face is well-toned and smooth, and I love it.