Laser Hair Removal In Islamabad

Laser Hair Removal In Islamabad

Waxing, tweezing and shaving. Tired of your hair growing back every week? The red, irritated skin? Say goodbye to your old hair removal kits. Le Lotus Clinique introduces you with our most popular treatment – laser hair removal in Islamabad, a high quality and painless alternative to your old hair removal routines.

At Le Lotus Clinique, we have a team of specialists that deals in a variety of laser treatments including full face laser hair removal. Go for our face laser hair removal treatment or target any specific area of your choice. Our laser hair removal treatments will help you get that silky smooth skin you’ve always wanted, free from all those skin problems associated with home treatments.

How effective is laser hair removal?

It is a safe, non-invasive medical procedure that makes use of a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicles. This causes damage to the hair follicle and delays hair regrowth.

It is an effective and safe way to reduce the amount of hair on your face or body in both the short and long-term. The laser hair removal machine transmits laser beams with concentrated light onto your skin that damages the hair follicles, helping you get rid of coarse, unwanted hair for a long time.

This treatment procedure is faster, more effective and yields lasting results as compared to other hair removal options such as tweezing, waxing and shaving. Plus, it spares you of all the frustrating pain you bear while getting the hair on your skin waxed or tweezed.

Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the best laser hair removal in Islamabad that produces effective results that last for a long time. The treatment is painless, fast and highly effective. The results are great, you won’t have to get any hair removal treatments done for the next year or 2!

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Enjoy the best laser hair removal treatment procedures at Le Lotus Clinique. Take a look at how our treatment lovingly affects your skin.

Soft, Smooth Skin

Cutting-edge laser technology gently removes unwelcomed hair to give you silky skin that looks and feels amazing.

Ultra-fast Procedure

Super-efficient laser hair removal machines take a mere fraction of a second to remove numerous hairs at once so you get hairless skin in under an hour.

Safe and Painless

Hair removal through laser does not have any long lasting health risks associated with it, and is pain free.

Lasting Results

A complete laser hair removal session produces striking results that last around 2 years.

Zero Downtime

Le Lotus Clinique’s bare laser hair removal treatment has zero downtime so you are free to return to your routine activities soon after.

Radiant Feel

As the undesirable hair is removed from your skin, it gets a lovely radiance that makes you look fresher and brighter.

Meet Our Experts

Le Lotus Clinique has a team of highly skilled experts who specialize in hair removal through laser technology. Before going through our laser hair treatments, consult with our experts so they advise you on the best treatment for your skin type and needs.

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The Right Treatment

At Le Lotus Clinique, we prioritize our clients. Our seasoned experts and cosmetic surgeons are available for detailed consultations regarding laser hair removal in Islamabad, so they can help you understand your skin-care needs, and advise you on the right treatment suitable for your skin type and problems.

Le Lotus Clinique offers you the best laser hair removal near you.

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Machinery Info

The FIRE-XEL Fractional CO2 Laser device is multi-purpose and aids in various procedures. Laser hair removal is one of the many procedures that can be carried out using FIRE-LEX. It can also help treat skin pigmentation, loose skin, skin tags, warts, wrinkles, stretch marks, open pores, loose eyelid skin, frown lines, acne scars, and more.

It comes with an A.I system that can recommend best settings for a certain skin type. This advanced laser system has over 3,000 combinations of available options which can easily be adjusted using a touch screen. The various fractional tips, multiple laser settings, user-friendly design, and fast yet effective procedural capacity makes it suitable for use on the entire body and any area with ease.

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‘I have been receiving face laser hair removal treatments from Le Lotus Clinique for some time now, and I am extremely pleased with the overall procedure and the results. The skin on my face feels great and the procedure is fast and pain-free.’