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Is your skin damaged by the scorching sun rays? Do you have blotchy skin? Is there discoloration on several areas of your skin? Is your skin badly affected by wrinkles, freckles and enlarged pores? If you answered these questions with a yes, you should consider getting a photofacial treatment. PhotoFacials are quick, painless and non-invasive procedures that help you get crystal clear, smooth and glowing skin quickly and conveniently.

The treatment makes use of advanced light-based technology that stimulates the collagen production in your skin as well as lightens blemishes, melisma patches and deep wrinkles in the skin. The cutting edge light technology not only eliminates skin discolorations and boosts the skin health, but it also reduces the enlarged pores, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines on your face and neck. 

Photofacials are of different types, but no matter which photofacial treatment you choose, the results are always amazing. You get smooth, even-toned, clear and fresh skin that helps you feel good about yourself. Since the results are long lasting, you don’t have to worry about getting other treatments when you get a photofacial. At Le Lotus Clinique, we deal in different kinds of advanced-grade photofacials that give you the desired results.

What is Photofacial Treatment?

A photofacial is a special skin treatment that utilizes advanced light-based technology to treat different skin problems, including discoloration patches, blemishes, wrinkles, blotchy patches and sun-damaged areas. Moreover, the treatment stimulates your skin in a manner that collagen production is enhanced. More collagen in your skin means it regains volume, firmness and elasticity, and becomes supple, strong and smooth. There are a variety of photofacials available which is why it is crucial to understand the treatment and its types, so you can choose the right one as per your skin type, needs and problems.

The two most important types of photofacials are IPL photofacial and LED photofacial. IPL stands for intense-pulsed light and an IPL photofacial is carried out using a handheld device that operates using the IPL technology. It transmits a burst of bright light onto the skin that penetrates through the targeted area. The dilated blood vessels, pigmented areas, blotched patches and affected areas absorb the light, and slowly heal. The IPL photofacial before and after results are amazing, and show a visible difference in the clarity and smoothness of the skin. LED stands for light-emitting diode and a LED photofacial treatment is carried out using an LED device. It emits a narrow spectrum of soothing laser light that is absorbed by the affected skin patches. The treatment activates the collagen producing centers in the skin that helps your skin become plumper, smoother and more youthful than before. LED photofacial before and after results clearly show how beneficial the treatment is.

Photofacial Treatment Benefits

Le Lotus Clinique specializes in the best photofacials that are customized for your skin type and skin issues. Here are the photofacial benefits you enjoy from our treatments.

Clears Blemishes

The innovative light technology gently softens the blemishes, sunspots, freckles and age spots to give you smooth, clear skin.

Voluminous Skin

Light therapy promotes better collagen production that restores volume to your skin helping it become stronger, softer and beautiful.

Even Skin Tone

Cutting-edge light technology helps get rid of uneven pigmentation and lighten the dull skin patches to give you evenly toned skin.

Gorgeous Glow

Le Lotus Clinique’s photofacials soften wrinkles, clear blemishes and improve skin strength that gives your skin a lovely glow.

Soothes Enlarged Pores

All the enlarged pores are gently reduced in size and inflamed areas are soothed to energize and rejuvenate your skin.

Speedy Results

Le Lotus Clinique’s photofacial treatment has no downtime and produces visible results instantly that make you fall in love with the treatment.

Rosy, Voluminous Skin is Just a PhotoFacial Away!

Allow your skin to breathe and shine with Le Lotus Clinique’s amazing photofacials.

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The Futura Face contains 267 LEDs and 8 different wavelengths for multiple purposes. The LEDs can be adjusted to 8 different settings as required. This device is widely known for reducing the signs of aging, nourishing the skin, reducing the effects of sunburn, minimizing hyperpigmentation, revitalizing and healing the skin, and healing acne and acne scars. It is a noninvasive device which can bring about significant improvement to your skin just after one treatment of an hour. Fatura Face can also be used for teeth whitening. It is a painless answer to all your facial skin problems.

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Ever since I received a photofacial treatment from Le Lotus Clinique, my skin has become smoother, clearer and more appealing than before. Their treatment is non-invasive, and very effective. Moreover, the staff is extremely supportive.