What is Facial Treatment?

Facial treatment is a relaxing process carried out by licensed aestheticians that help nourish, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin. Facial treatments are of different types, and most of them generally suits all skin types helping you get smoother, firmer, and glowing skin. 

At Le Lotus Clinique, we deal with various facial treatments that aid in the removal ofpimples, dark spots, acne, pores, oily skin, and blackheads. Moreover, we have different and separate facial treatments for both women and men, keeping in mind their skin types and skin-care needs. All our facial treatments are personalized as per your needs to give you a younger, glowing, and clearer skin. We take your skin-care needs, and skin type into consideration and recommend you the most suitable and effective treatment accordingly. Whether you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin, we have just the right facial treatments to give you that lovely glow and silky skin you dream of.

Facial Treatment Services

Le Lotus Clinique brings to you a variety of advanced and beneficial facial treatment procedures that hydrate, moisturise, and exfoliate your skin, so you look more beautiful than ever.

Hydra Facial

Perfect facial hair treatment for rejuvenating your skin to improve its quality. Plus, it loosens the pores, clears the dead skin cells and cleanses your skin of dirt to make it glow.

BB Glow

State of the art facial treatment that tattoos a layer of BB cream on your face using microneedling so you stay radiant day in and day out, and enjoy compliments from everyone.

Photo Facials

Cutting-edge facial hair treatment that utilises the power of light based technology to rejuvenate your dull skin, and remove facial hair gently so you look your best.

Vampire Facials

Innovative facial treatment carried out using your own blood plasma to renew your skin by stimulating the production of collagen and diminishing the signs of ageing.

Le Lotus Clinique’s Facial Treatment Makes Your Skin Glow





Le Lotus Clinique is a name of trust and quality, and we take complete pride in having a team of qualified professionals who aren’t just experts in their fields, but also genuinely care for their clients. Our experts are available to guide and assist you regarding all our facial hair treatment procedures, so feel at ease to contact us as per your needs.

Facial Treatment Benefits

All the facial procedures available at Le Lotus Clinique aim to make you fall in love with your skin. Unlock the true charm of these treatments and enjoy the following benefits.

Revive Dull Skin

Revitalize your lifeless skin ruled by wretched wrinkles, fine lines and scary sunspots with our most advanced and amazing facial treatment procedures that are safe and reliable.

Reduces Wrinkles and Age Spots

Every facial procedure offered by Le Lotus Clinique naturally improves the production of collagen in your skin. Elevated collagen levels diminish fine lines and wrinkles from your face giving you clearer, smoother skin.

Smooth Skin that Glows

As more collagen is produced, your skin becomes firmer and regains its vitality. This makes it glow and appear silkier than before with a state-of-the-art, painless procedure.

Youthful, Fresher Appearance

When there are no unwanted facial hair, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, dent, blemishes, and other skin issues on your face, you naturally look younger and more charming than before.

No Downtime

Le lotus Clinique’s laser treatment for facial hair provides you with silky and smooth skin without requiring you to go through a long recovery period. It means you enjoy instant results with zero downtime and can get back to your work right after your treatment.

Enjoy Results Instantly

Our facial treatment procedures are conducted via state of the art machines that are extremely effective and efficient. You instantly notice a phenomenal glow and smoothness on your skin following a single session.

Why do you want it

Look fresh, energized, and beautiful with innovative facial treatment procedures by Le Lotus Clinique

Service Recipient Says

I wasn’t too happy with the way my skin looked and felt so opted for facial hair treatment by Le Lotus Clinique. Their facials are amazing, and all the facial steps are carried out using advanced machinery that does not harm your skin in any way and produces desired results successfully.