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Does the sagging skin on your upper arm embarrass you? Are you frustrated with your chubby thighs and huge buttocks? Have you tried exercising regularly, but even that does not help you eliminate the unwanted fat from your arms, thighs, and buttocks? We can hear your resounding yes, and we feel your pain. Considering your problem, Le Lotus Clinique presents the perfect solution to your problem in the shape of our most advanced arm, thigh, and buttock lifts.

You get chubby arms, thighs, and buttocks when unwanted fat starts to accumulate in these areas. As the volume of the fat cells increases, the fat looks for different places to settle in and often makes way to your arms, thighs, and buttocks. Also, as your skin loses its collagen due to aging and lack of skincare, it starts to sag. This is why you have chubby and sagging arms and thighs. The massive thighs are primarily due to the extra body fat you have gained. Of course, eating healthy and exercising is essential to lose weight, but when it comes to tone your body, you need something more. This is where our arm lifts, inner thighs lifts, butt lift surgery, and butt lift without surgery come in handy. Reach out to our experts to experience the magic of our state of the art arm, thigh, and buttock lifts.

What is Arm, Thighs, and Butt Reshaping?

Arm, thighs, and buttock reshaping refers to enhancing the appearance of these areas through different treatment procedures. One of the most effective treatment procedures that yield permanent results are arm, thigh and buttock lifts through surgery. If you opt for buttock, thigh, or arm lift through surgery, the surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat from that part of your body to reshape it.

In an arm lift, fat and extra skin are removed from the upper, or lower arm depending on the area of the arm you wish to reshape. Since you would want both arms to be symmetrical, the surgery has to be performed on both the arms unless you have sagging skin or unwelcomed fat on just one arm due to a health issue or injury. In a mini arm lift surgery, small amounts of excess fat and skin are removed from your upper arm. The results arm lift before and after the procedure are spectacular, with a visible difference in the size and shape of your arm after the arm lift. The arm lift surgery cost usually begins from PKR 40,000.

In a thigh lift, excess skin and fat are removed from your thighs to contour it beautifully. If you have sagging skin and unwanted fat on your inner thigh, it is best to get inner thighs lifts or inner thigh leg lift standing procedure. Usually, surgeons recommend liposuction before or after upper and inner thigh lifts, but this varies from person to person. Similarly, in a butt lift surgery, undue skin and fat are removed from your buttocks to reduce their size and enhance their shape. You can also get a butt lift without surgery wherein dermal fillers are injected into your buttocks to give them a nice, round shape.

At Le Lotus Clinique, we have expert surgeons for all these surgeries who provide you with the best results in affordable buttock, thigh, and arm lift cost.

Benefits of Arm, Thigh and Buttock Reshaping

Our arm, thigh and buttock lifts add great value in your life through the following ways.

Slender and Toned Thighs

Fit into your favorite jeans, and any dress you want with beautifully toned and slender legs with our upper and inner thigh lifts according to your needs.

Perfectly Round Buttocks

Our cutting-edge butt lift surgery, enhance the shape of your buttocks, and transform them from massive butts to nicely chiseled, perfectly round shaped buttocks.

Contoured and Striking Arms

Enhance your arm beauty with our advanced arm lift or mini arm lift surgery to bid farewell to the sagging skin and unwelcomed arm fat to get contoured arms for life.

Elevated Level of Confidence

As you get rid of the unnecessary fat and sagging skin from your body and get those contoured arms, thighs, and buttocks, you feel more confident and enjoy your life.

Younger and Attractive Appearance

Our arm, thigh, and buttock lifts beautifully transform how you look and wipe years off you, making you appear younger and more attractive than before.

Desirable and Permanent Results

The arm, butt, and inner thigh lifts by le Lotus Clinique produce permanent results according to your needs. You don’t need to get another procedure to tone your body again.

You Decide How You Look

You have full authority over your body, and can look as stunning as you want with Le Lotus Clinique’s buttock, thigh, and arm lifts

Why do you want it

You want to fall in love with yourself, and Le Lotus Clinique promises to make it happen with our arm, thigh, and buttock lifts

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Surgical Procedure

The thigh lift is carried out either by an inner thigh incision or an outer thigh incision, however is required by the patient. In case of a thigh lift or a butt reshaping procedure, excessive fat and skin from around the respective area is removed to give a more structural appearance. In case of a butt lift, an experienced surgeon takes fat from another part of the body using procedures like liposuction and injects it into the buttocks for a fuller appearance. This process can involve 3 to 5 incisions around the buttocks.The arm reshaping is carried out to give them a more enhanced appearance and take away the loose skin and fat that may be a result of aging or some other medical factors. 

Service Recipient Says

Tired of not getting any desired results on my flabby arms from a rigorous exercise routine, I decided to get mini arm lift surgery from Le Lotus Clinique. The procedure has enhanced my arm beauty by giving me well-toned arms for good.