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Are you a victim of hyperpigmentation? Do the blemishes and pigmentation on face, and your skin annoy you to the core? Are there are any tattoos on your skin that you now wish to get rid of? Lastly, are you seeking an effective, safe, and reliable solution to all these issues? We are positive you answered these questions with a yes, which is why you are here. The good news is that Le Lotus Clinique brings to you the most advanced, and beneficial solution for skin pigmentation, and tattoo removal, so you can have the flawless, gorgeous skin you want.


Blesmishes, sunspots, scars, and hyperpigmentation tend to dampen the beauty of your skin. Your skin that once glowed, and was clear of unwanted marks is now governed by marks, blemishes, tattoos, and discoloration patches; and this is only adding to your routine stress. We, at le Lotus Clinique understand your pain, and keeping that in view, we offer you the finest pigmentation treatment, and tattoo removal procedure so you can reclaim your beautiful, soft, smooth and clear skin. Whether you have pigmentation on face, arms, legs, waist, or any other part of your body, we assure to help you get rid of that for good.

What is Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Tattoo Removal?

Hyperpigmentation refers to a skin condition wherein certain patches of your skin turn darker in color as compared to the surrounding areas of your skin. It is the chronic form of pigmentation wherein the pigmentation on face, arms, legs, waist, and other parts of your body aggravates, and continues to spread. This occurs due to an excessive production of melanin, which is a brown colored pigment in your skin that gives your skin its color. In hyperpigmentation, melanin deposits start to accumulate in different areas of your skin resulting in the appearance of dark patches.

There are a number of hypigmentation causes, including hormonal problems, excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun, natural aging, injuries and inflammation. Skin pigmentation certainly affects the appearance, and smoothness of your skin. While you should be comfortable with the way you look, it is also sensible to seek a helpful solution to the problem. Le Lotus Clinique resolves this issue nicely with its leading-edge hyperpigmentation treatment.

Our skin pigmentation treatment procedure makes use of the advanced laser treatment that gently gets rid of the pigmentation marks, and spots from your skin. Powerful laser beam is administered on the affected areas of your skin, and the heat energy softly diminishes the marks with time. While doing that, the pigmentation treatment also takes care of the many other skin problems including blemishes, sunspots, agespots, and tattoo marks. As you say goodbye to the pigmentation on face, you also get rid of the unwanted tattoo marks, and other skin problems effectively.

Benefits of Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Tattoo Removal Procedure

Le Lotus Clinique’s highly effective skin pigmentation treatment helps you eliminate hyperpigmentation for good. Take a look at how our treatment benefits you.

Reduces Pigmentation Spots

The powerful laser light technology resurfaces your skin gently, and harnesses the power of laser technology to reduce hyperpigmentation marks significantly.

Evenly-Toned Skin

As pigmentation marks along with blemishes, scars, agespots, sunspots, and tattoo marks clear off from your body, you get an evenly-toned skin.

Enhances Smoothness of Skin

Our state of the art treatment rejuvenates your skin by boosting its collagen production that improves the volume, and texture of your skin so it becomes soft, and smooth.

Clears Away Tattoos

Not only do you get rid of pigmentation on face, and other areas of your skin, but you also chuck out unwanted tattoo marks completely off your body.

Reliable and Safe

Le Lotus Clinique’s hyperpigmentation treatment, and tattoo removal procedure are 100% reliable, and safe, and impose no harm to your skin.

Zero Downtime

No need to stay in bed for a long recovery period as our treatment has zero downtime, which means you can resume your routine work soon after your session ends.

Look as Beautiful as You Deserve

Best skin pigmentation and tattoo removal from Le Lotus helps you reclaim your beauty

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It is your right to have evenly-toned, clear, and glowing skin. Le Lotus Clinique vows to help you get that with our skin pigmentation treatment.

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To get excellent tattoo removal, and skin pigmentation treatment, consult the experts at Le Lotus Clinique today. We provide you with the best advice, and guidance pertaining to your skin pigmentation, and customize our treatment as per your needs.

Let Your Skin Shine with le Lotus Clinique’s Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Tattoo Removal

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Service Recipient Says

Skin pigmentation has bothered me for a long time. I did try a few skin lightening creams, and medications, but nothing gave me the results I wanted. Finally, I found out about Le Lotus Clinqiue’s hyperpigmentation treatment, and thought to give it a try. The pigmentation on face, and neck has reduced drastically, and my skin now looks better than ever. Thank you Le Lotus Clinqiue for changing my life.