What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery refers to the surgical specialty that deals with reconstructing different body, and facial defects you experience due to trauma, diseases, injuries, burns, and birth disorders. The different plastic surgery procedures aim to improve on the many dysfunctional areas of your body. Since these corrections also improve your overall appearance, one of the core benefits of plastic surgery is to enhance your outlook, and confidence. At Le Lotus Clinique, we provide a range of plastic surgery treatment procedures in Islamabad. All our procedures are conducted using the best machinery, and a team of experts comprising of best plastic surgeon in Islamabad, so you look, and feel gorgeous, and attractive. Our plastic surgery before, and after results clearly show a phenomenal difference between the way you look, and make you fall in love with yourself. If you want to be treated by the top dermatologist in Islamabad at the best price, book your appointments with us today.

Plastic Surgery Treatments, and Services

At Le Lotus Clinique, we offer a wide range of the most advanced, and effective plastic, and cosmetic surgery in Islamabad in the most competitive charges of plastic surgery in Pakistan. Take a look at our beneficial services.

Hair Transplant

Most advanced hair transplant treatment available to resolve hair loss due to pattern baldness, injuries, alopecia, and other problems for good making you appear younger than before.

Liposuction, and Abdominoplasty

Best liposuction, and abdominoplasty treatment procedure to help you get rid of unwanted, and stubborn fat from different areas in your body, and get the perfect, tucked in tummy, respectively.

Thigh Lift, Butt, and Arm Reshaping

Get rid of sagging skin, and undesirable fat from your thighs, buttocks, hips, and arms to contour them perfectly, so you get that gorgeous, slender body you dream of.

Forehead, and Brow Lift

Improve on your uneven eyebrows with our effective brow lift, and get rid of annoying wrinkles from your forehead with our advanced forehead lift plastic surgery procedure.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Improve the appearance of your nose by correcting its slantness, crookedness, and other issues with our most advanced nose reshaping treatment procedure carried using the finest machines.

Eye Bag Treatment

Bid adieu to the dull, and dreary eye bags under your eyes due to hormonal, and other issues permanently with our effective, and lasting plastic surgery eye bag treatment.

Breast Reduction, Augmentation & Tightening

Fill in the different irregularities, and dents in your face, and body with our cutting-edge fat grafting procedure to make you look beautiful, and regain your confidence.

Fat Grafting

Fill in the different irregularities, and dents in your face, and body with our cutting-edge fat grafting procedure to make you look beautiful, and regain your confidence.

Le Lotus Clinique is pleased to offer you the best plastic surgery in Pakistan

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Your Body

Le Lotus Clinique has a highly qualified team of professionals comprising of the finest cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, and dermatologist in Islamabad, so you get the best treatment. Our professionals handle your body with care, and help you look beautiful.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Conducted by a team comprising of the best cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, and skin doctor in Islamabad, Le Lotus Clinqiue’s plastic surgery procedures benefit you in the following ways:

Correction of Dysfunctionalities in Body

We have the most advanced plastic surgery procedures including nose surgery in Pakistan to correct different dysfunctionalities in your body so you feel confident.

Contoured, and Smarter Body

Le Lotus Clinique’s procedures such as liposuction, and a variety of butt, thigh, arm, and body lifts contour your body with care to make you look smarter, and more striking.

Younger, and Fresher Skin

With our state of the art eye bag treatment, you will get rid of the annoying dark circles for good, and get your youthful, fresh skin back.

Enhanced, and Attractive Body

When your body gets perfectly toned in the right areas, your breasts, and man-boobs get in shape, your hair loss issues are resolved, and you say goodbye to unwelcomed eyebags, you definitely look more charming than before.

Long lasting Results

All the plastic surgery treatment procedures available at Le Lotus Clinique are conducted using the leading-edge machinery, and yield lasting results that you desire.

Treatment by the Experts

We have the best dermatologist in Islamabad, along with the finest plastic surgeons, and cosmetologists in our team to ensure you receive the finest treatment.

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Correct your body dysfunctionalities, and enhance your appearance with Le Lotus Clinique’s plastic surgery treatments

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I have received hair transplant, and arm reshaping plastic surgery treatments from Le Lotus Clinique, and got the desired results. My pattern baldness has vanished away, and my arms look well-toned, and stronger than ever. Thank you Le Lotus Clinique for positively changing my life.