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Hairless and Blemish-Free Skin in the Most Painless Way

Every time you have to wax away hair from your arms, legs, face and the bikini line, your heart skips a beat. The method is painful, and often leaves your skin reddened and irritated. Options like waxing, tweezing and shaving come with their side-effects particularly that of having coarser hair back real soon. The kind of fast paced life you have, you deserve a hair removal solution that is convenient, quick, painless and incredibly powerful such as the innovative laser hair removal treatment using the QSwitch laser by Le Lotus Clinique

A QSwitch laser is an advanced laser hair removal machine that produces high-intensity pulsed light beams. The Qswitch hair removal machine operates using the laser technology and delivers q-switched beam pulses to your skin that last for just a billionth of a second, but are powerful enough to damage the hair follicles in your skin. As the hair follicles die, they are unable to produce more hair so you stay hair-free for quite some time.

If you have any tattoo inked onto your skin that you no longer wish to keep, consider getting the Q-switch laser hair removal, and its strong light beams will shatter the ink pigments in your skin completely. Moreover, this treatment works very well in clearing and softening the appearance of moles, wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, age spots, sunspots, spider veins and toenail fungus. all the annoying freckles and blemishes you have had for years will now easily vanish away courtesy of this treatment. The Qswitch laser hair removal machine also creates heat in your skin that stimulates collagen production resulting in stronger, firmer skin.

What is Q Switch Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatments are done using different types of laser technologies and machines. The Q-switch laser treatment for hair removal is carried out using the Q-switch laser that gently delivers laser beams onto your skin. The targeted mark gets split into fragments that are gently eliminated from your body through sweating and washing over subsequent days and weeks. One of the most effective laser hair removal machines is the Q-switched laser hair removal machine. It is a leading-edge, non-invasive laser machine that uses a very high intensity beam of light to remove hair, tattoo inks, age spots, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, fungus, spider veins and moles from your skin.

The Q-switch laser hair removal treatment is a gentle substitute of other hair removal treatments, and demands very few sessions. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not harm your skin in any way. You do feel strong sensations of heat on your skin when the laser light is delivered onto the targeted area, but the sensation soon fades away. The Q-switch laser treatment for hair removal hardly takes 20 minutes, and clears away all the unwanted marks from your skin, while removing hair in the short-term.

Q-Switch Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Le Lotus Clinique provides you with the best Q-switch laser hair removal in Islamabad. Once you opt for our laser hair removal treatment, you allow your skin to shine through the following ways:

Brighter, Fairer Skin

The Q-switch laser hair removal machine removes all sorts of blemishes from the skin and lightens the skin pigment that helps you enjoy a glowing, fairer skin.

Removes Pigmentation

State of the art Q-switch technology works best for clearing out all sorts of pigmentation marks from the skin so you get clear skin with an even tone.

Hair-free, Silky Skin

The powerful laser beams delivered by the Q-switch laser hair removal machine removes hair from your skin making your skin appear silkier than before.

Reduces Clogged Pores

High-intensity light beams target all the clogged pores, clear away dirt from them and reduce the size of the enlarged pores so your skin feels smooth.

Lightens Tattoo Marks

Any tattoo marks that you no longer wish to have on your body are gently cleared away with the leading-edge Q-switch technology.

Non-Invasive, Safe Procedure

Le Lotus Clinique’s Q-switch laser hair removal is perfectly safe for you as it is non-invasive, and does not harm your skin.

Tattoo Marks and Spots Disappear into Thin Air

Let Le Lotus Clinique’s Q-switch laser hair removal clear away the unwanted marks and hair from your skin.

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Get rid of undesirable marks, laser and wrinkles gently with the Q-switch laser hair removal.

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At Le Lotus Clinique, we highly value and respect our clients, and are here to best serve them. We aim to provide you with the best laser hair removal services. Reach out to us so our experts can best guide you, and help you understand the best laser treatment for hair removal according to your skin and its needs.

Le Lotus Clinique invites you to experience the magic of Q-Switch laser treatment for hair removal.

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The FIRE-LEX offers surgical laser, fractional CO2 laser, and skin analysis in a single system. The fractional CO2 laser technology of FIRE-XEL laser and skin analysis device helps remove dark spots, warts, skin tags, moles, freckles. It also helps treat skin pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, open pores, loose eyelid skin, frown lines, acne scars. Laser hair removal and skin whitening are some of its popular uses. It is an advanced technology that improves the appearance of the skin and makes it soft and younger-looking. The laser equipment has over 3,000 combinations of settings, each of them befitting for each patient’s skin type and condition to be treated.

Service Recipient Says

Searching for a provider offering tattoo removal in Islamabad, I found out about Le Lotus Clinique and decided to try their Q-switch tattoo removal treatment. I was completely amazed at the results as the undesirable tattoo marks and hair disappeared soon after the treatment. Plus, it helped get rid of unwanted hair too. Moreover, my skin looks more radiant than ever, and has become softer than before. Great job!


Yes, q-switch laser treatment works effectively to remove hair. Just like it shatters tattoo pigments, it destroys hair follicles and makes them dormant for some time so no hair grow out of them. 

Yes, laser hair removal is safe to be performed on breasts and does not harm them.

Sometimes, laser hair removal can cause acne that goes away in a few days. When the hair follicles are damaged, your body has to get rid of them which is often done through pushing them upwards in the form of acne.